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Das königliche Haus

Full Arms of the Lauwiner Empire.png

Jahr 1850-heutige Abstammung

Photograph of King Jonas I of Lauwiner (

HRH Jonas I of Lauwiner

HRH Thomas I of Lauwiner.jpg
Habiba El-Rhaib of Morocco.jpg

HRH Thomas I of Lauwiner

Habiba El-Rhaib of Morocco

HRH Kurt of Lauwiner.jpg
Family Portrait Kurt I of Lauwiner and H

HRH Kurt of Lauwiner

Hildegard Funk

Viktor Lauwiner.JPG
Portrait Erika Gemsch.jpg

Viktor Lauwiner


Portrait von Adolfus Lauwiner 1910.JPG
Portrait Maria Lauwiner (Eyer).JPG

Adolfus Lauwiner

Maria Eyer

Franz Joseph Ferdinand Lauwiner 1870.JPG

Franz Joseph Ferdinand Lauwiner

Filumena Lauwiner (Heinzen).JPG

Filumena Heinzen

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